Thank you for your interest in contacting  52 Weeks Money Saving Challenge.

Before getting in touch, please read some detail on the following topics. This will help both of us to save time from back-and-forth emails.

Guest Posts

We do not accept guest posts unless you want to submit a post that does not include a back-link. To save you some trouble and waste of your time please do not submit guest posts.

But in case you are contacting us for any other services, here are a couple of exceptions:

Product/Service Reviews

 We review everything that fits into our core topic of Money saving and finance in general – books, products, services, you name it. We can work with both large and small brands and would love to discuss reviewing your product or service.

Website Mentions 

If you would like to have a website mentioned in a new or existing post, please send us an email for rates. Again, note that pitching a guest post simply to get a website mentioned on our site will not work as there is a very limited group of bloggers (those who have personal finance websites and who comment on our website regularly) who we will even consider for guest posts.


That should cover everything, but if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us using the form below.

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